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The Frenchman Cambridge Irrigation District is a political subdivision of the State of Nebraska organized under irrigation district laws of Nebraska on April 18, 1946. (Statutes 46-101 to 46-128) Frenchman Cambridge was created to enable the people of southwest Nebraska to develop the State’s irrigation potential. Frenchman Cambridge delivers natural flow irrigation water to more than 45,600 acres in southwest Nebraska using four different canal systems; the District hold 41 direct flow permits with priority dates ranging from December 22, 1890 to November 13, 1987, and can legally divert 531.5 cubic feet per second of natural flow. Frenchman Cambridge is the 8th largest Irrigation District in Nebraska based on acres served.

FCID's 2021 Water Supply:

Updated February 23, 2021

The 2021 Water supply for FCID water users looks good.  FCID will operate all 4 Canal systems in 2021.

Currently FCID has over 70,300 acre-feet stored in the three Reservoirs.  Harry Strunk is currently at 82.1% of full and will fill mid April 2021, Hugh Butler is at 53.4% of full and Swanson Reservoir is at 54.2% of full.  Swanson and Hugh Butler Reservoirs are below one year ago content,  However, we will be able to deliver the water that we allocated.

FCID will allocate 7 inches per acre to the Meeker-Driftwood system, at this time FCID will not have extra water to sell.  The board will watch this very closely as the season progresses

The allocation for Red Willow Canal will be 8 inches per acre again this year.

The Bartley Canal will be allocated 6 inches per acre plus the ability to use River water from mid April to mid June.  River water delivered will not count towards the 6 inch allocation.  You will begin to use your 6 inch allocation when FCID calls for water from the Reservoirs, this is typically mid to late June.

            Cambridge Canal system will be allocated 8 inches per acre.  FCID will monitor the water supply and will hold off on selling an extra inch at this time. River Water will also be available to the Cambridge canal starting mid April until mid to late June.